A few of us have formed Concord Citizens Protecting Progress based on the suggestions in The Indivisible Guide, focusing on maintaining hard-won progress in quality of life and personal liberty in our struggle to hold back the Trump/Republican Agenda.


We are still in the process of organizing, and hope to have at least 10 members so no one person has to spend more than an hour or two each month.

Concord Citizens Protecting Progress

Statement of Purpose 1-17-17


This group was formed to defend (and support our government representatives in defending) hard-won progress in quality of life and personal liberty made since 1900. We are using the Indivisible Guide as our Plan of Action.


■ Capitalism is good, but some regulations are needed, specifically to prevent fraud, theft, corruption, pollution, adulteration, discrimination, and worker abuse. Without regulations, companies can't afford to do the right thing because their competitors won't. We don't want “tragedy of the commons”, “company towns”, acid rain, ozone holes, rivers on fire, workers losing body parts, etc.


■ Corporations are not people.


■ One citizen = one vote. However, pure democracy is just majority rule. American democracy has been successful for so long because we have laws and traditions to protect minority views and populations.


■ Laws apply to all. No one is above the law. Likewise, women, children, minorities of all kinds, the poor, and the weak are promised–and deserve–equal rights, treatment, and protection under the law.


■ Transparency of government at all levels is required.


■ Church and State must be separate.


■ A robust free press is required because propaganda is effective.


■ Some of us lived through decades fearing the death of humanity and the planet at the touch of a nuclear button. We need to prevent proliferation and another nuclear arms race.


■ Our way of life depends on good infrastructure for transportation, food production, medical care, safe water, electricity, trash disposal, etc. All these things require regular maintenance and replacement.


■ Paying taxes for public goods such as infrastructure, the educational system, a public health system, and police and fire protection is necessary.


■ A basic standard of living, including health care, food, safety, and a place to live, is necessary.


■ The very young, very old, disabled, mentally ill, addicted, and traumatized in our society deserve a reasonable standard of care and support. Not only is it much more cost efficient for the taxpayer, it proves we are better than Nazis.


■ Well-treated, well-managed, fairly paid workers don't want to unionize. Those unions which exist (or want to form) are there for a reason and should be protected.


■ Where there is solid science, it should be used in making policy decisions. Basic science research is a public good. We like things such as antibiotics, computers, electricity, GPS, eye glasses, and hurricane forecasts.

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